(9 years ago)
Fit is true to size and great.
Semi lose fit from knees up, with a slimmer than normal for moto pants from knees down.
Not a pant to wear over a high boot but more than ok with a short riding boots of work boot style shoe. Can be tucked inside tall boots with no problem.
Great warm weather pant, fine to mid 80's ( hottest its been so far), but not fun to wear below 60 for a extended time frame. After a 30 minute ride at 70mph @ 50 Legs felt like a popsicle.
Off the bike these are hard to tell the difference from normal style cargo pants.
The removable front loading knee pads make for a great transition from riding to walking around for a while. On a note they seem more then able to stay in place in the event of having to test them on asphalt. Pads take about 1 minute to place and adjust once you do it a few times.( I pop mine out and tuck them in my helmet at casinos.
Colors: Black is more of a charcoal that's a deep color then a black but looks great in person.
The Olive is so dark is almost a brown (think Waxed leather look) inside, but outside its noticeable that they are greenish in color.
Stretch panels are located perfectly and the pockets seem to hold items in place on longer rides.
Kevlar is in all the right places as well.
All in all these have to be the best pants I have ever owned short of a leather suit.