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Durablue Eliminator Axle +4 Inch Chrome For Kymco 90 06-08
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$425.39 See Details
Features a proprietary heat treating process that provides excellent wear and strength characteristics Polished and chrome-plated offering superior strength and good looks Good for widening the tread width, adding stability
Durablue Lowering Kit Front For Kawasaki KFX450R 08-10
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$135.95 See Details
Improves cornering in flat-track, ice racing or similar conditions Lowers the center of gravity without reducing suspension travel or diminishing overall ride quality; however, not recommended for jumping Location: Front Please Note: The image displayed is representative of the item, but may vary depending on your specific model.
Durablue Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit ATV Extended A-Arm
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$569.95 See Details
DOES NOT PROVIDE ROLL OVER PROTECTION OF ANY KIND. Working like an anti-sway bar on a race car, DuraBlue's Anti-Sway Bar is full adjustable from soft to stiff... You can even adjust one side stiff and the other soft to match specific race conditions! Full brushed and chrome plated, if you're looking for "flatter cornering" a DuraBlue Anti-Sway Bar is the answer. The DuraBlue Anti-Sway Bar is a unique part designed to be custom tailored for your machine. This customizing is accomplished by utilizing mounting brackets, which can be located on the mounting tube in any location, then clamped. The...