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SLP Snowmobile Nose Cone Block Off For Polaris 32-569 Unpainted
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The stock belly pan on the Polaris Pro-Ride RMK and Assault RMK chassis is open to the rear side in the center When riding in deep snow conditions (12 inches or more of loose snow) this opening allows snow to pack into the belly pan under the pipe The pipe creates enough heat that the snow melts and refreezes into a massive chunk of ice This kit helps eliminate this problem by blocking the snow from packing in Kit contains: formed aluminum block off plate and hardware
SLP UTV Front Bumper And Radiator Mount For Polaris RZR 4 800 Black 67-129 Black
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This kit replaces the stock radiator mount bracket that also acts as an upper mounting point for most bumpers It is made of high-strength steel which has been reinforced so that it can take more impact in the event of a crash without the bumper folding into and damaging the radiator and other front-end components This kit can be used on its own or with most factory and aftermarket front bumpers Fits Polaris RZR 4 800