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Dragonfire Racing Front Bumper Winch Mount Kit Standard Spool For Can-Am Black Black
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A good thing just got a lot better!!! The RacePace Front Bash Bumper for the Maverick can now be used in combination with a winch. This winch mount and fairlead plate was specifically designed to allow the RacePace front bumper to accommodate a winch setup on your Can-Am Maverick or Maverick Max. Engineered to be clean, stylish and strong; this setup will not let you down. Best of all, it is available by itself to add to your existing DragonFire front bumper, in kit form with a front bumper or in a complete kit with a winch included for a package discount.
Dragonfire Racing Machined Tube Clamp 1.875 I.D. 10-0053 Unpainted
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Many people would prefer to build their own accessories and cage components. Now we are making that much easier. Our new 6 bolt "clam shell" clamps will lock onto your cage or bumpers and allow for you to build custom and removable parts for your UTV. By far the best bet when building from scratch.